Oct 07, 2023

የግልና የቡድን የቤት ሥራዎችና ማጣቀሻ ዋቢ መጻሕፍት
assignments and references


October 07, 2023 
The Five Pillars
Group Assignment

Age Group 13+

1. Contemplate on the Devine Liturgy

•Fasting Kidasie  [Lent, Gena and Our Lady]

•Holiday Liturgy [Gena, Tinsae, Hossana, Debre zeit, St. Gabriel, Filseta, Asteyo Mariam]

2. Contemplate on the Church Administration

• On the bigger church [Church Hierarchy (Till Sunday School), Priesthood ranks]

• On the Diocese [Name of the Diocese, Our church full name. the Sunday School full name. The church leader’s (head priest) full name, The Parish board member lists, and their position]

3. Answer to the heresies

• List examples from the bible about the Dead brought back to life

• What are the heresies on the five pillars (at least one for each)

• What is the difference between REVIVIFICATION and RESURRECTION

    መጽሐፈ ግጻዌ | The Book of the Lexicon


    ሃይማኖተ አበው | Faith of the Fathers


    Original Geez

    ቃለ ዓዋዲ | Ecclesiastical Constitution



    ሕገ ቤተክርስቲያን |Church law


    የቤተክርስቲያን አስተዳደራዊ መዋቅር | The administrative structure of the church


    To access our church constitution and bylaw go here

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